Free Property Analysis

Get a professional inspection of your property to identify solutions and opportunities to turn your yard into a low maintenance and beautiful masterpiece.

DIY Kits (Do it yourself installations)

If you like working with your hands, there are kits available in our Products page so that you can easily do some of these projects yourself.

Accessory installation

Add-on accessory installation such as upgraded wheel terrain kit, Automower house, and wall hanger.


Is your robot giving you trouble? Our team is ready to give you a hand with troubleshooting and repair of your automower.

Boundary wire repair

Finding where a wire has been damaged can be difficult, our team has diagnostic equipment to find the breaks and get them repaired to ensure your mower works efficiently.

Managed Lawn Care Plans

Robotic mowers are great, but they can’t do it all. Enjoy complete freedom from lawn maintenance with a Managed Lawn Care Service Plan.

Warranty repair

As a full service automower dealer, if your mower is under warranty we can repair and submit the claim for you.

Winter storage

Available with a maintenance service plan, your mower will be stored in our location safely and securely until the next mowing season.

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