Winter Storage Service

While your mower is in storage, install a Connector Protection Box near the charging station to store and protect exposed wiring.

Connector protection box

What maintenance should be done over the winter?

Treat yourself to a worry-free winter and contact SmartYard for cleaning, storing, and maintenance before the next mowing season.

Why have us store your mower?

Your robotic lawn mower is an advanced machine that often is working in all weather conditions. Like anything else, maintenance is required in order to achieve a long lasting, healthy life.

Winter Storage includes:
  • Pickup/drop off of mower & charging station
  • Winter storage in a dry and heated environment.
  • The latest software updates
  • Diagnostic check-up
  • Cleaning/washing
  • Blade replacement
  • Battery functional test
  • Battery charging
  • Safety functions test
  • Functional check
  • Warranty replacement as needed

After the service, receive a detailed service checklist report.Extend the life of your mower by contacting SmartYard to winterize your robotic lawn mower. For a self-storage option, an annual service is highly recommended and includes all the services listed above without winter storage.

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