How do GPS/RTK Robotic Lawn Mowers work?

Using a combination of GPS and RTKn technology, mowers are able to get centimeter level accuracy with virtual boundaries. While the implementation varies between manufacturers such as Kress and Husqvarna, they both leverage similar technology.

The Benefits

  • Simple installation
  • Flexible boundary mapping over driveway and pathways
  • Simple map changes
  • Handles complex lawns
  • Easy maintenance
Striping Pattern
Multiple striping pattern options such as random, parallel, checkerboard, or triangle.
GPS & RTK connectivity
Centimeter-level accuracy utilizing GPS & RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) positioning.
FOTA Updates
Firmware over the Air (FOTA) updates keep your mower current with the latest updates.
4G Wireless
Continuous connection with your mower over 4G wireless to monitor alerts and manage the mower settings.

Boundary Wire

The boundary wire serves as a border. This works by emitting a continuous signal that tells the mower not to cross its bounds.


The charging station is installed within your garden so that it can automatically return and be charged quickly and easily when it needs to.

Healthier, Lush Lawn

For a lush and thick lawn, the automatic mower will cut your grass as often as you need. This allows the grass to grow back healthier. It also helps prevent weeds from sprouting up.

Safety Sensors

The Automower® possesses collision sensors which trigger a shut-off response whenever it encounters an object. It will shut off and moves in another direction. 

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