How does automower work?

Just like a regular mower (only better). Automower operates by cutting the grass in a random but computed manner. It recycles the clippings and leaves your lawn healthy, lush, and fresh.

Does an automower mow very long grass?

Yes. By adjusting the cutting height, your mower can cut varying lengths. Besides, you wouldn’t need to for long because the automower won’t let your grass grow past your preferred height.

How loud is the robotic mower?

The Husqvarna automower is so quiet that neither you nor your neighbors will be disturbed. For context, the traditional mower is at a sound level of 95 to 100 decibels while the robot lawn mower is at a mere 60 decibels.

Can my automower be stolen?

The automower is equipped with anti-theft security features such as: 1. Unique pin code - If the mower is carried away, a high-sounding alarm goes off, which only your pin can silence. No one can get far with your mower in hand. 2. Charging station compatibility - Your automower can only be charged by YOUR charging station on your property. 3. GPS tracking - With your phone, you can see where your mower is located at all times.

How do I know the automower is what I need for my lawn?

Well, at Smartyard we believe you know what you need the most. But if a healthy, fresh, and easy-to-tend lawn suits your lifestyle best then we also believe letting Husqvarna/Smartyard transform your lawn is the right way to mow. Get it?

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