Boundary Wire

Do you think your boundary wire is broken or damaged somewhere? SmartYard is ready to help you fix any issues with boundary wires. Book an Appointment and have SmartYard help you. There are a few indicators of a broken boundary wire that can help identify the break or damage.

Your boundary wire is basically a closed circuit. When powered, it creates a signal called the loop signal. This signal is essential to the operation of the mower. When your boundary wire breaks, the “loop” or circuit is broken and the mower is unable to identify the loop signal. Your mower will not move if it cannot identify the signal.

How to identify that the line is broken?

  • Color shown on the charging station
  • The mower isn’t moving when you tell it to mow
  • You see a broken or damaged spot on the wire

Charging Station Color Code:

Steady Green – All OK

Green Flashing – Loop System is off due to ECO mode selection(During Charging or Standby)

Blue Flashing – Boundary Loop Open Cicuit

Red Flashing – F loop open circuit

Steady Red – Circuit board failure

Yellow Flashing – 115H Only: Guide wire open circuit


One thing to remember is to always check the terminals in which the boundary wires are plugged into. Sometimes if the connection is loose, the signal is lost. Simply push the connector back onto the terminal.

We recommend using spade connectors instead of the connectors that are provided in the box. The spade connectors provide a better fit on the terminals and come off the terminals far less.

Guide wire

Broken guide wires will not cause your mower to stop working, but it may result in the mower having trouble getting back to the charging station. If you notice the mower repeatedly running out of battery in an area near a guide wire, the wire may be damaged or broken.

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